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Chaaya Village, Habarana - Sri Lanka






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Chaaya Village - Habarana

Say hello to a wondrous vacation; a vacation like you've never had before at Chaaya Village, Habarana. Habarana is one of the popular cities among foreigners and locals for a perfect vacation.

Come; spend a vacation full of adventure, entertainment, privacy, romance and best luxuries and amenities with most exciting leisure activities to do and historical and remarkable places to visit. Learn the true story of a kingdom, two princes and how all this led to a suicide. Our hotel; Chaaya Village is a true example of a great vacation. Spend your vacation under a shelter with a great shield. We understand your needs. We understand your busy and hectic lives. Give it all a rest and a pause. Start a new beginning with everything fresh. We will make that environment here for you and you'll feel all new and confident as you leave your foot prints with us.


Relish and rejoice with unexpected and high level of adorable and most agreeable accommodation facilities. Accommodate at a room or a lodge of your preference. Fall in love with your giant and comfortable bed as you have long naps during your vacation. All our rooms are tastefully designed and decorated to suit individual preferences. Have a romantic or a relaxed or a private time at your room with no distractions. With diversified accommodation options made available to select within, feel special and important. Make your selections within Superior rooms with every superior luxury within, deluxe rooms with extraordinary beauty and facilities, Kingfisher lodge blended with exquisite beauty and the breathtaking Eagle lodge. Superior rooms let you experience an amazing garden, deluxe rooms promise you an amazing view of the Lake; Kingfisher lodge gives you a personal view of the Lake and the Eagle lodge let you enjoy outdoor accompanying with a panoramic view of the Lake. All our rooms are inclusive of every luxury you'd ever demand for a perfect vacation. Experience a whole lot of a difference with us.

Azmaara Spa

We are blessed to have our expert therapists in our spa who magically make recipes which has effective healing properties. All our recipes are made of natural herbs and plants. Our amazing spa lets all of you experience a real feeling of freedom and confidence. Build your long lost confidence by stepping into our spa which offers you with a wide range of treatments from facials wraps and scrubs to body massages and manicure pedicure. Our spa will add more enthusiasm and entertainment to your vacation. Once stepped in, it will be a daily habit till you leave us.


Visit places of history which left us with many memories. Places where kings hid during times of war or explore caves hidden among the woods for centuries, enjoy a cycle trip through the woods or by the park enjoying the scenic views, watch the golden sunset in Habarana, visit the banks of the lake watching fishermen do wonders and the catch is generally shared among the visitors, get a morning bullock cart ride or taste different tastes of bananas from its plantation or drop by the house of aromatic ginger tea and jiggery. Watch herds of elephants gathering to drink water to the Minneriya and Kaudulla parks and witness about 130 species of birds and rare butterflies.

These are some of many excursions at Chaaya Village. Engage in the best excursion activities ever and enjoy all of it.


As you enter our restaurant, you enter a world of genuine taste and delicates. As you taste your favorite dishes or any dish of your preference you'll feel all your tribulations disappeared all of a sudden. Such magic and wonders are some of many that you will come across at our restaurant. Our ever attending staff will assist you and aid you throughout to meet all your demands. Our main restaurant El Hena restaurant offers you with basically anything you want. Our Ritigala Pauwwa bar will offer you with your favorite drinks to spoil you a bit in a lazy evening. Our Panthaliya coffee shop is an amazing place to hangover with your friends and family or even with your partner alone and kill time enjoying a delectable snack.

Have a peaceful and a wonderful vacation with ever present hospitality and loyalty towards all guests. Let all your troubles pass by and get over your every stress during this vacation at Chaaya Village, Habarana.



Distance From Colombo : 170km
Distance From Katunayake : 197km

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